How to support


The following examples illustrate the costs of research projects:

Research mice cost around $50 to breed or purchase, and then costs $45 per year
Growing thousands of nematode worms for study costs around $1 000
Laboratory supplies costs around $1 000 a month per researcher
A PhD student costs around $70 000 a year
A senior biomedical science professor costs around $250 000 per year


There are several ways to support us financially:

You could wire money directly to the following account

Handelsbanken – Svenljunga
Stiftelsen The Paradifference foundation
Account number 6658-789 579 758
IBAN SE92 6000 0000 000 789 579 758

Our Euro account:
The Paradifference Foundation
Box 124
512 23 Svenljunga

IBAN SE67  6000 0000 0000 5027 8509

You could pledge to support us with an amount every month or year.

You could donate stocks or pledge to donate the dividends of chosen stocks.

There are different ways to donate that are tax deductible, depending on which country you
donate from. Please contact us for more details.


Ideas and Contacts
Are you interested in helping us spread the word or raise money?
Do you have an idea for a fundraiser event?
Do you have contacts that could be interested in helping out?

Please help us spread the word! It can make a difference!


Feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas!